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Welcome to the journal …

People who love music have songs which remind them of the important times of their lives. This is the soundtrack to our lives, lyrics which inspired us at a given moment. If the mood is a bit dark, so goes life at the moment.

That’s what makes life interesting. It can change at any moment.

Music is magic, and this is our book of shadows.


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This is a journal, yes? This is the next installment, fourteen poems from the immortals, on the subjects of faeries, ghosts, witches and ghouls. It’s in the rough mix stage now, but feel free to have a listen or download.

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New Release! Before the War: Folk Songs From The Americas Before The Civil War

It took awhile for folk music in the America’s to develop a distinct identity. In the beginning people sang what they brought over with them, and like the rest of our culture, music became a big, bubbling stew of influences. And so we present a potpourri of songs and stories, from the tragic to the morbid, disturbingly funny to the heartfelt … all the human emotions tied up in a singly bizarre, folkish package.

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Offerings to Hecate: A look at love through the eyes of the romantic poets and ears of the present

A MUSICAL JOURNAL OF A YEAR IN LOVE. No subject has been sung about as often as love. What poet what their salt didn’t dabble at least from time to time in love poems? The reason being that true love makes you feel immortal. The lyrics to these songs are drawn from poets through the ages with a heavy focus on the romantics because love is … a rather acoustic offering for an electric subject.

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