Folkswitch Album Cover The Conqueror Worm, Edgar Allan Poe's poetry

The Conqueror Worm: The Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe

LIKE THE TALES THAT MADE HIM FAMOUS, Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry is richly dark, exploring those same themes of love, loss, death and evil. His short stories were his bread and butter, and he was the quintessential craftsman in their writing. But Poe’s poetry was his art, personal and seeping with emotion.

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On the videos accompanying The Conqueror Worm …

Still from the Poe video The Raven

The Conqueror Worm was conceived as a film from the start, which makes sense as most people find our music via YouTube. The days when music was only listened to are winding down, so with The Conqueror Worm we take the leap and become actors. Sort of.

Watch the full sixty minute film or the individual videos by clicking below.

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The gothic poets dipped in acid rock with traces of heavy metals and dark folk roots

Folkswitch is a project, rather than a band, bringing the romantic poets to a new audience. All our music is available to stream for free on YouTube, and for purchase from BandCamp. Two guys pushing sixty and a sixteen year old. There’s a story here ….

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